Poor Stefan and Erika Svanstrom! The newly-married Swedish couple and their infant daughter set out on a four-month honeymoon in December and managed to come into contact with six different natural disasters.

Six! That is beyond even romantic-comedy levels. The Svanstroms' first brush with the violent hand of nature came almost immediately after taking off, when they were stranded in Germany by one of Europe's worst-ever snowstorms. Next up:

[T]hey experienced the devastation of a cyclone in Cairns and the flooding in Brisbane, and narrowly escaped the bushfires in Perth, the Expressen newspaper reported....

Just before the trio arrived in New Zealand, the 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch.

So that's five natural disasters on one honeymoon, at which point one imagines them saying to each other "Ha! How could this honeymoon possibly get worse? Time to head to our next destination... Japan." Yes. Japan! The Svanstroms were in Tokyo when the massive quake and resultant Tsunami hit.

And here, Erik notes to Expressen that he "survived the devastating tsunami that hit south-east Asia in 2004." Which raises the question: What did this guy do to make God hate him so much? (It's the baby-out-of-wedlock thing, isn't it?) Or maybe we don't want to know the answer, so long as the State Department puts these two on the no-fly list.

[Sydney Morning Herald; images via AP]