Bobby Titcomb, a close friend of President Obama, was arrested on Monday evening in a Honolulu prostitution sting that used a fake escort website.

Titcomb and Obama have been buds since the two attended Punahou School in the 1970s; they golf together and otherwise bro down when the president visits Hawaii. (The Washington Post has a list of events attended by both men.) According to the Punahou School's website, Titcomb is "a commercial fisherman and airline employee."

Obviously, Titcomb's arrest doesn't really say anything about President Obama—can you imagine if you were judged based on the kind of trouble your high-school friends get into?—but we fully expect Titcomb's name to show up in an unimaginable number of internet comments, many of which will also call the president "Obummer."

[KITV; image via AP]