Ready to reminisce about those halcyon Wednesday nights of Winter 2011? Then join us in the comments as we live-blog tonight's Top Chef reunion show. Now's your chance to re-ogle your favorite hot-looking chef who got booted too early this season!

Who knows … maybe Jen will show up in a bikini tonight, or Tre will remove his shirt? OK, I have to admit that those things probably won't happen. But what will happen on tonight's show (which airs at 10 pm Eastern on Bravo) should be almost as good: Namely, host Andy Cohen will force the reunited "all-star" cheftestants to squirm uncomfortably on comfortable couches, while he confronts them with clips of their past bad behavior and behind-the-back shit-talking. And who doesn't love that?

Also, we'll get a chance to reminisce amongst ourselves about the highlights of our live-blogging antics this past winter. Hey, remember the time we told all those conch jokes? Ah, those were the days …

Last week, we ended the season on an upbeat note when—contrary to our fears—the well-deserving champ Richard Blais prevailed over the well-disliked Mike Isabella. Bravo's tricky editing had fooled most of us into expecting that Isabella would win, so the result was a pleasant surprise—one that commenter miltonista chalked up to "the power of negative thinking." Commenter Foxcraft summed up the outcome nicely by observing: "In the end, we all knew it from the beginning"—a comment that has a nice Zen-like ring to it, don't you think?

I've collected a bunch of other memorable comments from last week's live blog in this separate "highlights" post, so be sure to check that out when you get a chance. And speaking of highlights, there should be plenty of those on tonight's show, judging from what I saw on the preview clips. For example:

  • Elia will call out Tom Colicchio—to his face—for being a "sellout" because of some beef she has over the beef he serves in his restaurants. It looks like it'll be one of those sublimely AWKward moments with a capital AWK.
  • We'll see that Richard's face without that ugly "Shaggy from Scooby-Doo" chin hair he sprouted in the Bahamas. If I were his wife, I'd force him to get electrolysis so that mess never grows back again.
  • Jamie will be subjected to a montage of her best "Jamie is lazy and avoids cooking" moments—which looks even better then the "Jamie cooks scallops all the time" montage they showed earlier this season. Apparently, "Jamie sucks" moments make for the best Top Chef montages.

OK, before we get started tonight, I want to take a second to thank everyone for making this commenting party the best live blog on the Web. It's always an honor to hang out with you wonderful, witty people on these halcyon Wednesday nights—including the one that's about to get underway. See y'all down in the comments!