A 5,000-year-old skeleton was discovered in a Prague suburb, and archaeologists have declared him to be the first known "gay caveman" in history. That's because he was still wearing a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. No, just kidding — it's because of how he was buried.

The direction the male skeleton was facing, as well as the implements that surrounded him, suggest he was a caveman with "a different sexual orientation, homosexual or transvestite," according to one expert.

[Men] were traditionally buried lying on their right side with the head pointing towards the west; women on their left side with the head facing east. In this case, the man was on his left side with his head facing west. Another clue is that men tended to be interred with weapons, hammers and flint knives...The ‘gay caveman' was buried with household jugs, and no weapons.

If accurate, the implications of this case are staggering. Not only does it suggest that LGBT individuals were living open and accepted lives as far back as the Stone Age, but it also means that we have finally unlocked the elusive key to carbon-dating Cher. [Daily Mail]