Here's a trailer for Anonymous, a Shakespeare conspiracy movie directed by 2012 and 10,000 BC genius Roland Emmerich. The movie's about the theory that Billy Shakes wasn't, in fact, the author of the plays attributed to him, but it's also about slo-mo action scenes and Vanessa Redgrave wondering just what the hell kind of picture she's wound up in.

There's barely any dialogue in the trailer, so it's hard to tell just what the film's theory is about who actually wrote the plays, but that doesn't really matter, does it? The top reason to see this picture, and there are at least several reasons, is that it's taking boring literary conjecture and turning it into something sexy and sword-sweeping. Plus Mark Rylance has a role in the film, and he's rather famous in the theater community for being a highly respected Shakespeare actor (and one-time artistic director of the Globe Theatre) who also happens to believe that Shakespeare didn't write all of his stuff.

Roland Emmerich, who also blessed the world with Godzilla and Universal Soldier, isn't exactly the name at the top of the list of likely directors for this type of picture, but that's the fun of it! What was anyone thinking??? Equally mysterious is Redgrave's presence as Queen Elizabeth. I guess sometimes even stage and screen legends just need to pay the damn bills. Just like Shakespeare did when he wrote all of his plays. Yeah, I said it. Though I'm not sure I believe it.