Donna Martin graduates... to a new house! One-time actress turned low-budget reality TV star and scorned daughter Tori Spelling is selling her Encino, CA mansion for a cool $3.2 million. This is like the hundredth house she's lived in over the past few years, maybe because moving to a new house is such good plot fodder for lady-interest reality shows? Who knows why.

Anyway, the place is 6,700 square feet and features six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. Should you become the new residents, you'll of course have to deal with constant Ivan Sergei attacks and, of course, Jamie Walters will show up once-nightly to throw you down the stairs, but if you can deal with that, just look at that pool! Hubba hubba. A word of advice to future dwellers: Should a creepy rapist (totally not who you thought was the rapist) be holding you hostage in your bedroom, just refer to your ex-boyfriend as "Dave" instead of "David" and he'll know something's wrong. Good luck! [Real Estalker]