Lots of people are talking about Lady Gaga's new video for her song "Judas," including the creative director who worked on the project and the Catholic League, which is up in arms like usual. They disagree on the video's message, but there's one thing everyone will soon be able to agree on: Lady Gaga is ripping off Madonna again.

People have always compared Gags to Madge, but the similarities between her song "Born this Way" and Madonna's "Express Yourself" got lots of attention when the single came out in February. Now Gaga plans to take on Catholicism and dress up like Mary Magdalene for her latest effort. Wasn't this called "Like a Prayer" the first time around?

A date hasn't even been set for "Judas" to debut, but you'd think after everyone was calling Lady G the second coming of Madonna just two months ago, she might have decided on some material that wasn't smack dab in the middle of the Material Girl's wheelhouse.

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