The tabloids of New York are currently having a tabloid party over the grisly murder of Sarah Coit, a pretty young blonde living in Manhattan who was savagely hacked to death Sunday by her boyfriend—a celebrity publicist.

Raul Barrera (pictured) is described as a freelance publicist for firms including Coleman Entertainment Group, which calls itself "An Entertainment & Fashion Public Relations, Branding & Consulting Agency." Barrera popped up on social nightlife blogs as a "celebrity publicist," and appeared in some Patrick McMullan photos at various parties. Barrera's PR boss was apparently not a great judge of character. From the NYDN:

"He wasn't a monster," Coleman said. "He was ambitious. This is not someone who goes around hacking people."

There may be a bit of spin there, since Barrera just hacked and slashed his girlfriend to death. The NY Post gets an alternate assessment from a neighbor:

"His eyes were insane. He was a killer," said Colleen Carerir, 24.

We won't say who's "right or wrong" here—we'll just let the horrific knife murder sort of sit there, speaking for itself. Ronn [sic] Torossian no longer has to worry about being branded the worst PR guy in New York.

[Photo via/ NoH8 campaign]