Oh dear. Ashton Kutcher and his old lady Demi Moore are apparently, and justifiably, upset about human trafficking. So upset, in fact, that they called up some of their celebrity friends — Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, the Old Spice guy - and had them make anti-slavery ads. Good for them! Too bad the ads are completely befuddling.

Everyone needs a joke now and then, but do we really need one now, when discussing the very real and very horrifying problem of sex slavery? Hm, no, I don't think we do? So it's a bit strange that that's the angle Ash and Dem chose to go with these ads, featuring silly things that Real Men are doing followed by Jessica Biel or Eva Longoria informing us who are Real Men. See, Real Men don't buy sex slaves. See that's how that works. So... no more sex slaves then, because Sean Penn made a grilled cheese? Right. Sean Penn, the original hobo with a shotgun, has once again rescued us from a great injustice, and this time he didn't need to live in a tent or anything! Thank you also, Jamie Foxx and Bradley Cooper, two men who have totally never hired prostitutes, for bringing this issue to light.

So yeah. What was anyone thinking? Nobody knows. Ashton and Demi should maybe consult with a PR person or something next time. Guys, before you do your jokey ads with Lake Bell and Mila Kunis supporting spina bifida research, maybe make sure you're not accidentally making light of the problem first. [via Videogum]