How did hot mom Stephanie Seymour resolve her messy divorce from billionaire husband Peter Brant? By giving him a literal peace offering:

When she called a truce with publishing magnate Brant, she returned a Navajo blanket that he'd loved to him. "Let's get rid of all of these people [lawyers]," Seymour recalls saying. "I have more confidence in you, and I would hope that deep down you would have more confidence in me, that we can work this out." Since the reconciliation, Seymour says she and Brant still live in separate homes and are in counseling. "Of course we're in therapy," she said. "And then I have my own therapist, and the kids have theirs, and there is nothing wrong with this.

Now the duo is back together, hanging out at nude beaches and supporting Stephanie's crippling addiction to seaside bikini dancing. Rich people make no sense. [Town & Country via P6, image via Bauer-Griffin]