Here's a trailer for Monte Carlo, the summertime girlz jam about TV stars hoity-toitying it up in a feature film. Specifically, Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and aspiring Golden Globe Awards presenter Katie Cassidy have teamed up to tell this tale about a trip to Paris gone wrong.

Wait, you might be thinking, didn't we already see this movie? Wasn't it called Passport to Paris, or When in Rome, or Winning London? Well, OK, maybe you're not thinking that, but I'm thinking it. As someone who is mysteriously well-versed in the Olsen Twins' travel movie oeuvre, this Monte Carlo picture seems awfully familiar. I don't remember if Mary-Kate and Ashley ever got involved in a case of mistaken identity like this, but they've certainly been to Europe and met cute boys before. And they were certainly hitting the same target demo as Selena Gomez and two Gossip Girl stars.

Oh, a thing about that casting: Isn't it weird that Meester and Cassidy are a healthy six years older than Gomez? Maybe that's explained in the movie, but it's certainly not in the trailer. See there's one thing the Olsen movies had going for them: the two lead actresses were always almost exactly the same age. Because they're twins. Yes, I've even seen Our Lips Are Sealed, when they go to Australia. No, I'm not proud of it. Anyway, Monte Carlo!