In just over a month, law enforcement agencies have busted two massive marijuana growing operations on Staten Island. Agents from the DEA — along with the NYPD and New York State Police — on Monday raided a "sophisticated hydroponic grow house" and found 450 mature pot plants. Two men were also arrested in connection with the operation, which authorities told the Staten Island Advance was raking in about $10 million a year. Damn.

Neighbors had sometimes noticed a faint odor, but claim they never thought much of it, like one rental car agent who spoke to the paper after the raid:

"I park all the cars over there, and I always thought it smelled like pot, but I thought, ‘Nah,'" he said. "On days that it's windy, when the (rental center) garage doors are always open, it smells like pot."

Nah, that dude never thought twice about the sweet stench of dank buds coming from a sketchy looking garage. Never.

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