Meet Grace Oberhofer, a Washington State teen who has been, gasp, waitlisted at the Stansbury of the east, Harvard University. Waitlisted? Noooo. So what is a disappointed and desperate Harvard wannabe to do? Well, if you're this girl you record a jokey yet still plainly earnest song pleading with the admissions office to let you onto the Yard.

She's got a decent voice and the song is cute-ish, despite being a little weird for referencing pee and being so needy and stuff, so we say let her in, Harvard. What, you can't spare a bed in Pennypacker for one more desperate nerd? Is there no more room at the sweaty geek inn known as Hurlbut? (Harvard dorms are so attractively named.) Sure she'll be something of a whispered-about joke on campus for a little while, but that's not your business, admissions department! That's the province of the students. All the admissions office should be worrying about is whether they're fulfilling their Type A white girl quota for the year. Either way, what's one more!

This is our new campaign: Oberhofer for Harvard Class of 2015! Jesus Christ, 2015??? Can't wait for the hovercraft graduation ceremony. Make us proud, Grace. [IvyGate]