While celebrated moonbeam Gwyneth Paltrow spends most of her time slaving over a hot custom-made pizza oven, preparing nice meals for her family, sometimes she needs to eat too (about once a month) and it'd be nice, maybe, if just once her ungrateful brood of wretches returned the favor. But apparently they don't.

The jumble of dandelion fuzz and glass molecules had a book party for her hot new cookbook in the West Village last night and the following exchange took place:

For her part, the hostess, who served her favorite duck ragu as a main course, revealed that while she loves cooking for her family, they don't exactly return the favor – ever.

"Never. Not once," said the Country Strong star, 38. Not even a bowl of cereal for breakfast? "No," she said.

Yikes. Of course there's no conveying of tone here, being that it's print and all, but uh... She sounds upset! Let's just read that into it. Poor Gwyneth, treated like a common slave in her own house. What's a glimmer of autumn light mixed with a wisp of steam to do?

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