Just in time for Tax Day, results from an important new poll have been released in order to make you feel worse about your finances than you already do. American Express Publishing and Harrison Group polled a bunch of rich people, and with the results have forecast a $26.6 billion increase in spending on "luxury items." Sounds like fun! How will this spending spree take shape among the upper class? According to the vice-chairman of Harrison Group, Jim Taylor:

"They will exercise discretion. They will pursue authenticity and extraordinary quality. They will engage in the art of the deal and the discount with relish."

In other words, they will nickel and dime a Ferrari dealer over alligator skin floor mats because it's the "sensible" thing to do. More sensibility, from Taylor:

"In the end, the increase in spending we foresee is not a return to the wanderlust of the past, but rather, an expression of sensible, resourceful, self-confident consumers expanding their portfolio of needs."

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