Remember back in the day when tumblers were something you drank lemonade out of, and not something that your 14-year old niece used to ruin her future job prospects? Well, Tervis certainly does and they are here to take back the word.

You've enviously eyed them at other's events, marveled at their virtual indestructibility, and dreamed that someday you too might own a customized monogrammed set of awesome beverage-chilling (or insulating!) tumblers made by the 65-year old Tervis company. Well now the kickball game won't have to stop just cause someone shattered your Aunt Mildred's crystal goblet, because Tervis products are guaranteed to not break, crack, chip or shatter. And if the unimaginable were to happen, the fine drank-loving folks pinkie promise to replace your battered cup.

But what's that you say? These days function isn't enough? In a world where quality ideas can disappear faster that an Xhibit meme on your newsfeed, a cup has gotta have some swag. What better way to stand up and say, "Baby, I was born this way" than by customizing your own tumbler? Can't you just picture yourself gripping a cool glass emblazoned with puppies or nyah nyah cats? It's a shame they have yet to figure out a way to embed animated .gifs in the sturdy plastic container, but knowing Tervis and their ever-expanding line, we're sure that's next.

So break out your blender and start experimenting with your signature drink. There's nothing more suitable to store your Snooki-inspired Orange Juicehead (two parts orange juice, one part ginger ale, one part orange sherbert) or a Rebecca Black-inspired virgin daiquiri (blend one part lime juice, one part simple sugar, three parts strawberries, ice cubes and enough food coloring to turn the whole thing black). But the drinksanity doesn't end there: you could drink your Black Daiquiri in a tumbler that has Rebecca Black's face on it. (Tervis would like to apologize in advance for blowing your mind.)

Head here now to check out the 500+ newly-added designs, and to learn about all the status-update-worthy features of Tervis' tumblers!