A postal worker in Oregon has been suspended for taking a shit behind someone's trash cans after the neighbor, Don Derfler got all neighborhood watch shit patrol on him and took pictures (which, if you think about it is a little weird, too). So the guy is out on his route, presumably in some suburban hellhole, and the nearest public toilets are two blocks away he's got to go... and now the guy is suspended without pay and possibly going to be fired? People let their dogs shit all over the place — in yards, on city sidewalks, wherever the hell they want — so what's the big deal here? It's doubtful that there was something nefarious going on. Either way, shit is shit and it's all gross. Plus it's Oregon, and they're into sustainable mulching and all that. Get over it, Don Derfler.

Warning: The local newscast above is a bit disturbing.