Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss asked a federal appeals court to revive their case against Facebook. In the course of doing so, their attorney admitted the twins already have tons of Facebook cash. But money, you see, isn't the point!

"This appeal is not about whether our clients would be better off keeping the settlement proceeds (which admittedly are substantial) rather than proceeding with their lawsuit against Facebook," wrote attorney Jerome Falk in a press statement announcing the filing and explaining why he's challenging the ruling of a federal appeals panel that already told the twins to basically drop their suit, take their money, and run.

Instead, he said, the case is about The Truth. Or, as he put it, whether "settlements should be based on honest dealing." Yes, "honest dealing" and The Truth are especially appealing when they can increase the value of one's Facebook stock holdings beyond the $100 million or so they are already worth.

[Photo via Getty Images]