This actor got it on with someone on his family tree—but not too closely related. This singer lets her friends impersonate her. This actress has a problem with her cheating ex. And this couple is on the verge of divorce. There's nothing worse than breaking up a family.

1. "What was once thought to be an urban legend or a very bad joke is starting to get some legs to it. This almost A list actor (although he sucks as an actor) really did have sex with someone in the family he really should not have had sex with. It is not illegal, just really disturbing." [CDaN]

2. "This best friend of a famous Pop star told our source that when she and the star were at a Film Festival together overseas, the BFF dressed in the singer's clothing and a wig, not once, but twice and got her picture taken as the star." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This mostly movie B- list actress has had something strange happen to her. Most of the time when someone cheats on someone with another actor in this town, nothing really happens. Apparently though, the scorned C+ television actress has made it her own personal crusade to tell everyone who will listen about how badly she was hurt by the cheating actress because of what she had done for her ex. She of course also blames her ex, the A- list television actor from a hit show. The crusade has made the two cheaters kind of pariahs among their peers." [CDaN]

4. "Although nothing has been announced yet, this celebrity couple is almost certainly heading for divorce. They haven't lived together for several months, lawyers are being hired, and each spouse already has a new paramour. Hers is a work colleague. His is a former (?) escort." [Blind Gossip]