President Obama hosted a series of local news interviews yesterday afternoon in the White House. And according to some interpretations, the president "[lost] his cool" with one reporter, Brad Watson of Dallas station WFAA. Obama just went ballistic on this friggin' guy! Maybe?

You can watch the local news clip up top, but here's a summary: Watson asks Obama questions about why he's so unpopular in Texas, whether he'll compete in Texas after losing it by 10 points in the last election, and whether he took a certain project away from Texas for political reasons. The questions are fair enough, and Obama gives his typically disciplined answers. But Watson cuts him off a few times with follow-up questions! Which leads Obama to say at the very end of the interview, while he's taking his microphone off, "Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?" That's how he lost his cool? We were hoping for at least three thrown chairs or some poison in the ear, but alas.

[via Balloon Juice]