Do you fancy yourself a pop culture aficionado? Can you stomach watching daytime television trash, 24-hour news networks, reality programming, or any combination of the three? Do you have enough willpower to keep your eyes glued to a television screen for hours at a time?

Gawker is looking for video interns. You'll learn how Gawker operates, and we'll teach you how to ferret out the most newsworthy, entertaining and absurd moments from the hours of infotainment that fills our DVRs every day, as well as how to edit it all together.

The schedule will require you to work two days a week over the course of four months. You must be able to come work in our office in New York City. College internship credit available to those who qualify. Please email and tell us just how much you love TV. No attachments, please.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.