We've previously established the fact that private school consultants are the worst. The question now becomes: Are they still the worst? The very latest reports indicate: yes. They are still the worst.

As if the mere existence of highly-paid consultants who charge thousands of dollars to advise parents how to get their kids into some fucking preschool wasn't bad enough in and of itself, the NYT today explores the nefarious but completely legal because of our society's fucked up education priorities activities of NYC private school consulting firm Aristotle Circle, which not only commits the aforementioned crime of existing, but has also positioned itself as a middleman that does nothing but suck money from the already-corrupt process with its Fangs of Access:

She has gone beyond those test-prep books to build what she calls an "expert network" of more than 200 admissions consultants who can advise students or parents applying to preschool, prep school, college and graduate school. Aristotle takes a 20 to 50 percent commission on the fees, which range from $150 to $500 an hour.

Don't forget to tell a public school teacher that their fancy union contracts are killing America today.