Today in New York Post drug stories: 35-year-old "deranged stoner" Cordero Coroberto decided a morning rush hour 2 train was a good spot to spark a blunt (which, according to the Post is "a cigar refilled with tobacco and marijuana"). Apparently the other commuters didn't feel like showing up for work with a contact high, so that's when Evelyn Seeger stepped in:

"The argument started when he tried to light it . . . he swung at [Seeger] and hit her with the pen on the forehead," said Marc Bush, one of several good Samaritans who pinned Coroberto in a corner until the train arrived at Chambers Street, where cops were waiting on the platform.

Ouch. Sounds like Coroberto might have been smoking a "wooly." Seeger was given a tetanus shot and released from the hospital, thankfully.