Apparently Tyra Banks and Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley have a web show called "Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion," in which they feint and shriek and perform trippy skits about Tyra pissing herself. (A reenactment of this?)

In the latest episode, they discuss high heels, prompting Tyra to break out the arithmetic. To get the "real" height of platform heels, the Harvard Business School student explains at 1:30 in the video on your right, you have to subtract the height of the platform from the height of the heel:

So, say the height of the heel is five inches. Whoo, five-inch stilettos, I could never wear those! But if you have an inch or an inch-and-a-half platform, that heel is really just three-and-a-half, or three inches! Get it? It's math, baby.

Stylite points out that Tyra's math is wrong: 5 inches - 1 inch = 4 inches, not 3 inches.

As much as I'd like to ridicule this, it's sort of an easy mistake to make when you're on the spot. I suspect Tyra frequently makes mistakes when she's vamping for cameras, because how can you stay focused when you're contorting your face like that? For better or worse, the lady is mesmerizing. [Stylite, Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion]