"Bloody 'ell!" That ejaculation is likely issuing forth from the lips of celebrity restaurateur Gordon Ramsay—as well as "Come on," and "You donkey!"—as he contemplates the ongoing sexism-related labor dispute that has shut down the fancy NYC restaurant bearing his name since last weekend. "Fuck me!" he is also likely saying. "This is a real Kitchen Nightmare!" he is adding, in all likelihood. "What is this, a real life Hell's Kitchen?" he is wondering aloud, we also believe.

According to the NY Post, hat happened was female commis chef Janet Kim says she was being constantly sexually harassed by male chefs at the restaurant, and she took some time off, and when she came back all the guys refused to work with her, so they were all suspended, and the restaurant hasn't even opened since Saturday! Plus she's filed a complaint with the state, for allegedly being assigned to work in the designated "cunt corner," among other inappropriate workplace things. It's a real Kitchen Nightmare! Did we already say that? No, Gordon Ramsay did, though, we bet!

"Goodness me!" I bet he also is saying, right now. And then someone comes in and reminds him that he's also currently locked in a messy public legal battle with his parents-in-law. "Bollocks!" he can plausibly be assumed to have then exclaimed.

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