At the University of Iowa, a campus-wide email from the College Republicans touting their "Conservative Coming Out Week" (sample: "Conservatives in Iowa City it is now time to come out of the closet!") prompted one professor to Start a Dialogue:

Ellen Lewin, a professor of Anthropology and Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies, responded to the email by writing, "F*** YOU, REPUBLICANS" from her official University of Iowa email account.

And now of course there's a big uproar and the University president is calling this unacceptable behavior and Lewin had to semi-apologize and College Republicans are all, "Demonizing the other party through name-calling only further entrenches feelings of disdain for the other side."

Fuck you, Republicans.

[Iowa Press-Citizen via Inside Higher Ed. Photo via]