All gay all day television channel Logo is currently filming the second season of everyone's favorite gay housewives show The A List: New York and they've just started production on The A List: Dallas. We've uncovered new cast members on both.

All of our original gay housewives (including internet flasher—NSFW—Reichen Lehmkuhl) are back for season two, but they have a real actual woman in the cast now. It's Nyasha Zimucha, but we bet she only uses one name—Nyasha—and insists you use jazz hands while saying it. She's a "recording artist" and former judge on child beauty pageant show Little Miss Perfect. If she's used to judging overly made up prissy people constantly on the verge of a temper tantrum, she'll fit right in with this crew. And maybe she can actually teach Reichen how to sing or they can just both pretend to be "recording artists" together.

Nyasha is also the founder and CEO of Embrace Your Hair, which sounds like the Hair Club for Women. "The company is the World's First Exclusive Hairnista site and hair extension and wig company. Embrace Your Hair makes sustainable hair products for the every day woman, with Hollywood insider style secrets." You know what this means, people: TJ and Derek are going to be rocking some wigs this season!

As for the first Dallas cast member, we hear that it is Chase Arnold Hutchison, a former Christian fundamentalist who works as a financial broker. At least, unlike everyone in the New York cast, his career has nothing to do with the modeling industry. However, we found this on his blog: "I can be a snobby pompous asshole." Yup, sounds like A-List material to us.

I've heard some other rumblings about the Dallas cast (apparently there is a very sexy cowboy involved), so if you know anything, shoot me an email.