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Here's a trailer for Another Earth, an indie about the discovery of, well, an alternate planet Earth containing all the same people as ours. Freaky! Co-written by its star, Brit Marling, Another Earth earned rave reviews and a prize at this year's Sundance.

The biggest name in the picture is Tom Cruise's cousin William Mapother (the Cruise family? Talk about outer space!), but that's OK. This isn't the kind of movie that needs super famous (or even indie famous) people. I mean, really, do many movies? But yeah, the hook of the movie is instead the mind-bending concept — for example, how do we know which Earth we're watching at any given moment? Is there a difference? Spoooooky.

Tucked under all this dreamy allegory seems to be one of those bordering-on-trite stories about a guilty person who enters the object of their guilt's life with means to apologize, then doesn't, then grows really attached to the person and doesn't want to tell them who they really are. Which has kinda been done before, but I suppose that's OK. It hasn't been done in an alternate-planet movie!

But yes, all told, I'm intrigued. You?