Enjoy your unfettered right to spread emphysema to your fellow bar patrons while you can, America: a new CDC report *estimates* that by 2020, every state in our hazy union will have a New York-style law banning indoor smoking. Fuckers.

Twenty five states now ban smoking in "restaurants, bars and the workplace." Another ten states ban smoking in some portion of those venues. Several more states have lesser, but still extant, smoking restrictions. And seven states have no indoor smoking restrictions at all.

Can you guess the states? We'll wait. [WAITS.]

Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming. Is it any coincidence that these are the very same states with America's seven highest high school graduation rates? (Note to self: check this.) Are you prepared to throw these rights away just for the sake of not having cancer, America? They would like that. They sure would. You know where else you can't smoke inside? Prison. Think about it.

[AP; photo via AP]