After a corruption scandal led to bloody fistfight on the floor of Parliament, and a raid uncovered 10 handguns and an AK47 hidden in the same building, Kyrgyzstan slaughtered seven sheep this morning in a ritualistic ceremony to rid its democracy of "evil spirits." The literal scapegoating occurred on Parliament's front lawn.

Resulting sacrificial lambchops were promised to local retirement homes and orphanages. But what I want to know is, where are all the pictures of the Great Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Sheep Slaughter of 2011? All I'm seeing are stock photos of sheep, and pictures from last year's Kyrgyz uprising. (The above shows last month's Day of State Flag.) I imagine there aren't many international wire reporters in Bishkek, but couldn't someone hire a freelancer for this curious event?

Between this and Texas Gov. Rick Perry's pray-for-rain effort, a mystical week in politics. [Guardian, Atlantic Wire, image via AP]