He's not going to take this well: An Egyptian court ruled today that Hosni Mubarak's name and likeness must be removed from any public institution.

[T]he names, photographs and pictures of Mr. Mubarak and his wife, Suzanne, will be removed "from all squares, streets, schools, associations, libraries and all entities in Egypt." In his ruling, Judge Muhammad Hassan Omar reasoned that their presence resulted in "tremendous harm and continuous suffering" to the families of those who died in the three weeks of protests that led to Mr. Mubarak's resignation.

And this isn't one street sign and a bust in a local park we're talking about: The Mubarak brand was plastered just about everywhere in that country, from metro stations to billboards, murals, road signs, public schools, and museums.

Let the de-Mubaraking begin! [NYT, photo via AP]