Here's a trailer for Our Idiot Brother, a movie about Paul Rudd having long hair and wearing crocs. And having pretty sisters, played by Emily Mortimer, Zooey Deschanel and Rachel McAdams.

Paul Rudd is a pretty gifted comic actor who tends to be the best thing in his movies, whether they're otherwise great (Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models) or mediocre (I Love You, Man). So, yes, even though the trailer isn't all that funny, we will definitely rent this, and maybe even see it in theaters, if we're bored. Also the supporting cast looks great! Steve Coogan!

More importantly: The guy who directed this is Jesse Peretz, founding member of the Lemonheads and son of Muslim-hating New Republic editor Marty Peretz. Not that it's really relevant? It's just... you know, "huh."

[via The Daily What]