The whole nation of America was founded on the premise of being "one big happy family," with equality for all—women and minorities now included by law! Sadly, economists tell us that income inequality may be eroding the trust between the rich and the poor members of the American "family." What's the reason for the treason, distrustful poors?

Could it be... haterade? Economists in the NYT will say "inequality...[has] a corrosive effect on trusting behaviors," because the poors and the rich can't identify with one another, not to mention the fact that "humans have learned to be suspicious of those who have the capacity to do them harm."

But let's translate that to real words: haterade. The average American Poor is thinking to him or herself, "Big oil profits are booming to record levels as a direct result of the fact that I cannot afford to fill up my gas tank to drive to my far-flung minimum-wage job. On top of that, I can't even bail my loved one out of jail, because the price of my home has fallen so far that a bail bondsman won't even accept it as collateral. And economists are growing more pessimistic by the month. Fuck this shit."

And Obama's "sickening class war assault against Republicans" isn't helping! Hey poors, the bad guy who made the recession has been convicted, okay? Jesus. Some people never get over the past.

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