We're living in a scammer's paradise: Here's a site selling 50 million AOL addresses for just $500. And $300 for 1.5 million farmers' email addresses. A perfect way to start your own phishing business!

Security researcher Brian Krebs looks into the New Delhi-based email warehouse Buyemails.org and finds a wide menu of email addresses available for the aspiring fake Nigerian prince. (A green banner on the site even addresses its "Nigeria clients" specifically.) You can buy a list of 10 million "Asian emails" for $350, or 110,000 "Italy emails" for a relatively costly $175.00. And that's not all!

Other lists are for oddly specific groups. For example, you can buy a list of one million insurance agent emails for $250. 300 beans will let you reach 1.5 million farmers; $400 closes on 4 million real estate agents. Need to recruit a whole mess of money mules right away? No problem: You can buy the email addresses of 6 million prospective work-at-home USA residents for just $99. A list of 1,041,977 USA Seniors (45-70 years old) is selling for $325.

(Seniors are obviously worth a lot because they'll fall for anything.)

These email lists are the raw material from which a scammer fashions his dream. No doubt the young Nigerian, rich from email scams, fondly remembers the first 5 million gmail addresses.