Major fireworks and apocalyptic drama at today's White House stenographers' huddle, you guys.

So most of us know that Barack Obama hates Jesus Christ even more than he hates God and the Holy Spirit, and capitalism. To those of you who aren't convinced, please explain why the White House didn't put out a statement yesterday celebrating Easter? A full 309 million people in this country sat staring at their inboxes for hours yesterday, waiting for the perfunctory two-paragraph statement from President Obama commending Jesus on his resurrection. It never came.

This is seriously what a reporter asked press secretary Jay Carney today: Why didn't you release a statement about Easter?

Carney reacts sarcastically, with all the head shakes and eye rolls and laugh-offs that this question deserves. His tone set up perfectly for a GOP Rapid Response clip, which you can view up top.

And the Obamas did go to church yesterday, but they were being ironic.