Harry Hurt III (pictured, with pal) used to write a column in the New York Times business section called "Executive Pursuits," in which Harry Hurt went off and did something wacky and upscale and wrote about it. It always struck me as a wholly unnecessary exercise in self-absorption, which had nothing to do with business at all, except for the fact that Harry Hurt is a rich guy. Now, he's back—pioneering the use of advertising and product placement in books. Oh. Good.

As if the fact that Harry Hurt is self-publishing an e-book about even more wacky adventures starring Harry Hurt wasn't enough of a reason to cause you to run out and e-purchase it—it's also full of product placement! And display ads! Why not learn about products while you read? It's revolutionary! From the WSJ:

To supply his traveling gear, Mr. Hurt, 59 years old, enlisted the Coleman Co., which provided him with a sleeping bag, tent and nonelectric coffee maker, as well as $2,500. The author describes Coleman in the book as "one of my most supportive sponsors," and recounts his attempts to set up the tent: "I discover that the Coleman engineers have done a remarkable job of designing magnetic periscopic poles."

Advertisers think this is great because of relevant marketing channels blah blah blah and Hurt himself says it won't compromise his integrity because of his experience, blah blah blah. Hey asshole: Morgan Spurlock did this for effect. For effect. Not to really actually put fucking product placement in every fucking thing, for fuck's sake. Get a grip.

[WSJ; photo via Facebook]