Here's how not to make the world a safer place: The tiny Long Island village of Kings Point has installed cameras at every entrance that will automatically run cars that enter through a criminal database.

From Newsday:

The 3.3-square-mile North Shore enclave of Kings Point is launching a far-reaching surveillance network that can compare the license plate of every car going into the village against federal and state crime databases such as most-wanted lists, stolen vehicle alerts and suspected terrorist files.
When the project is completed, 44 cameras will monitor 19 entrances into the village in what may be one of the most extensive municipal tracking programs anywhere.

Installing what amounts to one camera for every 120 people is of course necessary to combat the horrible cycle of violence in Kings Point of 19 property crimes and one violent crime in 2010. It's only a matter of time before jealous villagers start using this to catch their spouses in midnight trysts.

You know what else has cameras constantly on the look-out for criminals? The entrance of a prison! [Via Scott Greenfield; image via Shutterstock]