Because the ranks of Scary Sadshaws will never diminish, those that are in love with both cupcakes and stupid cocktails made with flavored vodkas have demanded there should be a cupcake flavored vodka. This shit is seriously nasty.

The creatively titled Cupcake Vodka comes in four flavors: Original, While Chiffon, Devil's Food, and Frosting. Frosting? Frosting? Who wants to drink a shot that tastes like boozy frosting? We're shocked they missed the opportunity to go for the sad girl with cravings trifecta and have a red velvet cupcake vodka with a picture of a cat on the bottle. Either way, at least everyone can combine those empty calories from cupcakes and booze and just get them all at once.

The worst part of the press release is this description.

Cupcake Vodka Original is six-times distilled to remove impurities while delivering a mouth-feel reminiscent of an indulgent delicious treat.

Know what I'd do if I want the "mouth-feel" of an "indulgent delicious treat?" I'd eat a goddamn cupcake! [Village Voice]