Donnie Wahlberg isn't just an actor and beloved member of New Kids on the Block. He's also an organ broker! Not in the traditional, wake-up-with-a-huge-scar-in-a-hotel-bathtub-filled-with-ice way, either: Wahlberg helped a fan find a 100-percent legitimate new kidney, using only Twitter.

Back in December, he retweeted a fan's blog post about needing a new kidney, and all of a sudden NKOTB fans were beating down the door of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, desperate to give away their organs. As it turned out, there were six potential matches, one of which will be, as of June, inside young Bobette Miller, doing whatever it is that kidneys do. (Making pee?) In December, Miller's kidney had been functioning at 20 percent, so Wahlberg, it seems, literally saved her life. Uh, and also the person donating the kidney, but that sucker isn't in NKOTB, so.

"It's a testament to the value of Twitter," Wahlberg told the Boston Herald's Inside Track, adding that he has "great prices" on lungs this week.

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