Behold the jelly-shaking rapture of supreme funk goddess Beyoncé Knowles, seen here performing "Move Your Body" — a high-impact, aerobicized version of her 2007 hit, "Get Me Bodied." You remember that one. It was like "Girls (Who Run the World)" — except it was good.

The video is a promotion for Let's Move, Michelle Obama's pedestrian-mauling, Cap'n Crunch-snuffing anti-obesity campaign, which would explain why it takes place in a high school cafeteria. And it's a lot of fun! So what else do you need to know? Now get off that La-Z-Boy before you become fused to it and dance, bitches!

Knees: higher! Leg warmers: greener! Daisy Dukes: bootyliciouser! We got work to do. [NYT]