Drawing Hitler moustaches on subway movie posters, yearbook pictures and images of Barack Obama is a time honored tradition in America. But in Britain, drawing one on a Conservative politician's campaign poster can turn a tiny, quiet hamlet into a police state. At least that's what happened to Pitcombe, Somerset, after one appeared on a likeness of Conservative councillor Mike Beech in the village and he called police to cry about it.

Cops have gone to all 20 houses in the village multiple times under the Public Order Act to ask questions, and the general consensus seems to be that it's all a big waste of money! The Telegraph spoke with some residents of Pitcombe, like David Issitt, a no-nonsense carpenter:

"The police came to the village three times - it was a complete waste of time by the police. They have far better things to do than following up complaints like that.

"The police even came knocking on people's doors in the evening. If my shed was broken into would I have received such a tenacious response?

"If Mr Beech is involved in politics, I'd suggest he grows a thicker skin. It was simple lampooning and he needs to learn to laugh at himself."

Agreed. After all, if you don't have the freedom to secretly draw a Hitler moustache on a politician's picture, then you're not truly free.

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