I am old, crotchety, and weary of the complexities of modern life. So I am not a trustworthy judge of kids these days. But when one of the best-selling bands in America is just the imaginary band starring in a Disney made-for-TV movie...that's messed up, right?

Last week the Lemonade Mouth album reached No. 4 on the iTunes Store's album-sales chart. Thanks to repeat airings of the "Lemonade Mouth" movie on Disney Channel, the album's sales more than tripled its second week in stores, for a total likely greater than 60,000 copies, according to people in the music business.

The 10 songs on the album are sung by five cast members who play the band in the movie. The songs were written by professional songwriters (with a few co-written by the actors) and played by studio musicians. Disney Channel's Mr. Marsh said that most of the actors play instruments in real life.

Oh, well, as long as they play instruments in real life. That and a place starring in a Disney made-for-TV movie has always been the "minimum acceptable standard" for being an artist, here in America. Same way Robert Johnson made his way into the industry.

Pretty soon there won't be any room left on the charts for real artists like the cast of Glee.

[WSJ; photo via Getty]