Much to a beleaguered network's joy and relief, last night many Americans pressed their big buttons and swiveled their space chairs around to watch The Voice, the Peacock's needlessly elaborate new singing competition.

Some 11.8 million viewers tuned in, for a 5.1 rating, to watch Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, the sinister-eyed Adam Levine, and someone named Blake Shelton pick singing teams for a big game of singing capture the flag. Or something? They're going to do something. There's a boxing ring involved. It's very complicated. The point is, people watched it. But will they watch again? NBC promo-blitzed the hell out of this thing, so curiosity was high. But did the actual show deliver the goods enough for people to come back? I say no! I say it was silly and gave too many opportunities for the judges, especially Xtina and Levine, to somehow appear simultaneously both self-satisfied and unhappy to be there. "I'm really embarrassed to be on this show, but still know that I'm better than you." That was the gist I got anyway.

I'm curious to see if this show can hold on. NBC could really use a hit, even if that hit involves magic button chairs and the tired visage of Carson Daly. Oh, and Frenchie better win this thing. She's due, America.