Yesterday, we asked for your favorite Friendster memories now that the social network will basically be killed off at the end of May. And here they are! Harrowing, funny online tales from the turn-of-the-century.

There were plenty of great entries, but the one that made us laugh the most was Shakalover's. This story features all the best and worst parts of the internet mashed up and rolled into an absurd burrito. Here it is:

I joined Friendster back in the day when you could create animal profiles. Someone wanted their dog to be friends with my dog. I went to the dog's owner's page and saw she - and most of her friends - were white supremacists. I'm black.

I told her, "I don't know if you'd want our dogs to be friends b/c I'm black." She said, "My beliefs aren't my dog's. There's no reason why our dogs shouldn't be friends." Come again, skinhead?

I tried to engage her: "I'd love to hear your views on things." I was respectful and apparently she realized that because instead of being angry, she told me she was uncomfortable talking about it. Um, okay.

I think in the end I accepted her dog's friend request.

And here are the honorable mentions. Click on the commenter's name to read their story:

Thanks to everyone who entered! RIP Friendster. (For all you nostalgics, it looks like the people who archived all of Geocities are trying to back up as much as Friendster as possible. Your dumb favorite quote will live on!)

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