Who knew that truck stops were good for something besides anonymous sex? And stopping your truck, of course. But, Scientific American tells us, truck stops are also good for discovering new life forms. (No, not like that. Don't be gross.)

See, German biologist Oilver Zompro recently discovered a whole new order of bugs, a finding "equivalent to discovering bats having not previously known they existed," Scientific American guest blogger Rob Dunn writes. After Zompro's order—Mantophasmatodes—was written up in a magazine, University of Cape Town professor Mike Picker went hunting for some. And found a brand new species, pictured above! As well as six new species of katydid. All at a "filthy" truck stop on a South African highway.

So next time the police pick you up in a truck stop bathroom, just let them know you were looking to discover a brand new species.

[Scientific American]