A monstrous tornado nearly a mile wide killed fifteen people in Tuscaloosa, Ala. and "obliterated" parts of the city when it touched down on Wednesday afternoon. These videos should give you some sense of how terrifying a tornado can be.

The damage in Tuscaloosa is extensive (as you can see from the photographs), and the death toll is likely to rise. Tuscaloosa wasn't the only town hit, either: At least 58 people died from severe storms, tornados and flooding across the state on Wednesday, prompting President Obama to declare an emergency and mobilize the Federal Emergency Management Authority.

[There was a video here]

The Red Cross has set up a website for people to check up on loved ones, or list themselves as "safe." Over 70 have died throughout the region since extreme weather set in earlier this week, though luckily, the storms are predicted to weaken and move out of the area starting on Thursday.

[Vimeo, WBRC, photos of Tuscaloosa via AP]