Leaving Tony Blair and Gordon Brown off the guest list for The Most Important Wedding of All Time was pretty funny. And really, is anyone going to miss them? Doubtful. But the fact that Syria's ambassador to Britain, Sami Khiyami will attend has pissed off some members of parliament, what will the whole massacre of unarmed civilians at the hands of Khiyami's boss and assaulting cities with tanks thing going on there at the moment.

A "shadow" Defense Minister Michael Dugher remarked to the Telegraph, "It seems odd that two former Prime Ministers are excluded but we have some quite dubious people being invited." Quite dubious indeed! The guest list also includes ambassadors from North Korea and Zimbabwe — probably not the best guys to be seen backslapping with. Another shadow Defense Minister, Kevan Jones spelled it out: "We could have the horrific spectre of killing on the streets of Syria while the Syrian ambassador is in Westminster Abbey for the Royal wedding." Yes, that would be very bad. It's also very likely to happen.

Update: Sami Khiyami's attendance at the Royal Wedding has been deemed "unacceptable" by the Foreign Office, which said in a statement, "Buckingham Palace shares the view of the Foreign Office that it is not considered appropriate for the Syrian Ambassador to attend the wedding." That was fun while it lasted.

[Daily occurrence in Syria, image via AP]