Facebook is very likely about to move into China. But when Facebook.cn launches, don't start friending Chinese users unless you're OK with Chinese censors peeking at all your party pics.

When Facebook China launches sometime in the near future, All Things Digital reports the Chinese government will be able to spy on any Facebook user who friends someone in China: "When Facebook users outside China connect with users inside China, sources said they will need to click through a warning that any material visible to Chinese users may also be visible to the Chinese government." The task of keeping Facebook China censor-friendly will probably fall to Chinese search giant Baidu, which is widely assumed to be partnering with Facebook for their China adventure.

Sure, Facebook, like every other internet company, lets the U.S. government spy on your account, too—if they've got a warrant. But this will add an exciting air of danger to the typical banal calculations of whether to accept someone's friend request since you're not just friending your old exchange student, you're friending the entire Chinese government! So your Chinese buddy better post really funny status updates.

Although maybe the Chinese government won't even have to monitor Facebook too much, since the company has lately become very concerned that they might be "allowing too much" free speech. We know for sure they won't have to worry about any illustrated boobs or porn stars on the site.

[Photo via AP]