According to science, birds that live in the city have larger brains than birds that live in the sticks. European researchers studied 82 species of birds and compared their brain sizes. From the BBC:

Birds breeding in city centres, or "urban adapters" as the team called them, were found to have larger brains relative to their body size.

Previous studies have highlighted the link between larger brains and behavioural innovation in birds and mammals.

Scientists say this new evidence is the first to show that brain size is a key factor for animals' survival in urban environments.

The scientists believed the change is due to the difficulty of finding food and surviving in the city. Since you can extrapolate all research on animals directly to humans, we can say conclusively that people in cities are better at scavenging for scraps of food and nest materials than their country-living brethren. Take that, hillbillies!

[Image via Shutterstock]