Yesterday, we brought you the unusual story of Harlan Porter, a teacher arrested for wandering naked around the halls of the Georgia school that had recently fired him, speaking of a "new level of enlightenment" and an open "third eye." It turns out that wasn't Porter's first raw, public exploration of matters metaphysical, as we've discovered these outtakes from his one-man show, The Evolution of U.

Described as a "rollercoaster ride with twists and turns of passion, frustration, doubt, hope, laughter, sadness, and ultimately evolution," the show consists of a string of incomprehensible monologues, each performed by one of Porter's various alter-egos: a recording artist smoove-jamming behind a microphone; an angry dude on a cell phone; a pop-locking businessman; a community service worker emotionally attached to his reflective vest; and, finally, a poetry-spouting basketball player. (His clothes stay on throughout.)

The full police report was posted to The Smoking Gun today. In it, the arresting officer noted that Porter had been previously "diagnosed schizophrenic," but that the school principal said he had never demonstrated "strange behavior in the past." I'm guessing she never got around to seeing The Evolution of U?